TAMAR KANDER                                                               Printable Copy       

Born: Jerusalem, Israel   

Education: Johannesburg S.A., London England, and New York NY (see Education below)


Represented by:

Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis / New York

Ventana Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

Lanning Gallery, Sedona, AZ



2020      Paintings Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, IN
2019      Rock, Paper, Metal Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, IN.
2019      Guest Artist, Vivid Gallery, Winnetka, IL

Selected One-person Shows:
2018     Other Worlds, Ventana Fine Art, Santa Fe NM
2017     New Work, Ventana Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2016     Tamar Kander New Work, Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL
2016      New Paintings, Lanning Gallery, Sedona AZ                                              2015     Tamar Kander and Doug Dawson, Ventana Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2014     Tamar Kander Paintings, Jamas Brooke Ceramics, Univ of Indianapolis, IN
2013      New Paintings, Gruen Galleries, Chicago IL
2012      Tamar Kander, Skyline Club, Indianapolis, IN
2011      Transition; New Works on Canvas, Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL   
2011      Interval, Mixed Media Works, Ventana Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2009      New Work and Salon, Ventana Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2009      The Space Between,  Catherine Kelleghan Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2009       Abstracts; Paintings on Linen, Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL
2008       Pulse and Rhythm; New Paintings, Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2007       Time Passages, Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL
2006       New Work, Chapman Friedman Gallery, Louisville, KY
2006       Abstract Paintings, Gruen Galleries, Chicago, IL
2006       Passages, Ruschman Gallery, Indianapolis, IN
2005       In the Balance , Joyce Robins Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2004       Space and Place, Mary Bell Galleries, Chicago, IL
2003       New Paintings, Galerie Hertz, Louisville, KY
2002       Abstraction II, Mary Bell Galleries, Chicago, IL
2001       Canvas and Paper, The Gallery, Bloomington, IN
2000       New Paintings, Galerie Hertz, Louisville, KY
2000       New Paintings, Mary Bell Galleries, Chicago, IL



Selected Group Shows: (1999-2016)

            2018 Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

            2016 Group Show, Lanning Gallery, Sedona AZ

            2015 Gallery Invitational, Gildea Contemporary, Key West, FL

            2013 Group Show, Jacksson Gallery, Columbus, IN

             New acquisitions, Indiana state Museum, Indianapolis, IN

             Making it in the Midwest, Invitational Show, Indiana State Museum, IN

             Text and Image, Artamo, Santa Barbara, CA

              Tamar Kander and Jamas Brooke, Chapman Friedman Gallery, Louisville,KY

              Print portfolio #1; 6 artistss, Ruschman Gallery, Inianapolis, IN

              Works on Paper, Ruschman Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

              Tamar Kander and Patrick Adams, Chapman Friedman, Louisville, KY

              10th anniversary Show, Joyce Robins, Santa Fe, NM

              Palette, Gallery Artists, Joyce Robins, Santa Fe, NM

              Abstraction 2000, 3 Painters, Mary Bell Galleries, Chicago, IL

              True to Nature, Indiana painters, White River Gardens, Indianapolis,IN

              3 painters: Humana Festival of the Arts, Actor’s Theatre, Louisville, KY

              New Gallery Artists, Mary Bell Galleries, Chicago, IL

              Water Tower Annual LVAA, Louisville, KY

              Three-person Invitational, Fisher Gallery, New York, NY

              Invitational Show, Benefit Auction, Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN

              Scholarship Benefit Fund Show, SOFA Gallery Indiana University,

Bloomington, IN.


Selected  Museum Collections and Shows

2009      Making it in the Midwest, Invitational Show, curated by Rachel Perry
Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN       

2005      Indiana Now! Juried Show, Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, IN (2nd                          Prize)                                                             

               Nominated for inclusion in Shouts and Whispers, Indiana State Museum

2002-3   The First Lady of Indiana’s Art Series, 18 Central Indiana artists chosen for                 the Governor’s Mansion, Indianapolis, IN                                            

2002       Wabash Currents, (one-person Show) Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN

1997       Ohio Valley Annual, Floyd County Museum, New Albany, IN

               53rd Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition, Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN

1996       Ohio Valley Annual, Floyd County Museum, New Albany, IN

1994       Nine Years of Acquisitions Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN

               Exhibition 280 Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV

1993       Western Places, Missoula Museum of the Arts, Missoula, MT

               49th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibition, Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN

1992       Art by Women…Voices and Priorities, Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN

              The Space Between: Art of Tamar Kander, (one-person show) Swope Art                    Museum, Purchase of NY Airshaft#1, etching, 1990) Terre Haute,                                 IN Indianapolis Museum of Art, Portfolio Section, Arts Indiana


Public Collections


           T.M. Crowley and Associates, Indianapolis, IN

           Centaur Interiors, Chicago, IL

           New York University, President’s Conference Room, Bobst Library, NY, NY

            TM Crowley and Associates, Indianapolis, IN

            Centaur Interiors, Chicago, IL

             Bamberger, Foreman, Oswald & Hahn, LLP, Indianapolis, IN

             Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN

             IU Outpatient Center IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

             Reyes Holdings, Chicago, IL

             Bloomington Monroe County Convention Center, IN

              Wabash College, Crawfordsville, IN

              Manchester College, Manchester, IN

              PNC Bank, New York, NY

              M & I Bank, Indianapolis, IN

              Westye Group, New York, NY

              Sub-Zero Wolf, New York, NY

              Archer,Daniels, Midland, Decatur, IL

              Scheuer, Yost & Patterson, Santa Fe, NM

              Marcadia Biotech, Carmel, IN

              Kilkenny Capital, Chicago, IL

              Hunter Industries, San Diego, CA

              The Credit Union, Indianapolis. IN

              Fultz Maddox Hovious & Dickens PLC, Louisville, KY

              Riley Bennett and Egloff, Indianaplois, IN.

              Betz Law Offices, Indianapolis, IN.

              Metropolitan Place, Chicago, IL

              Gtech Corp., W. Greenwich, RI.

              Salton Inc. Lake Forest, IL.

              Weill, Public Collection, New York, NY.

              Brown Forman, Louisville, KY.

              Glenview Trust, Louisville, KY.

              Chicago Equity Partners, Chicago, IL.

              Baker & Daniels, Indianapolis, IN.

              Marchfirst, Milwaukee, WI.

              Lilly Industries, Indianapolis, IN.

              Clarian Health. Indianapolis, IN.

              Freihofer Inc. Indianapolis, IN.

              Bingham McHale Law Firm, Indianapolis, IN.

              Hickman & Associates, Indianapolis, IN.

              Lincoln National Corp. Fort Wayne, IN.

              Channel 13, Indianapolis, IN.

              Eli Lilly & Co, Indianapolis, IN.

              Mallor Clendening Grodner & Bohrer Law Offices, Bloomington, IN.

              Ice Miller Donadio & Ryan, Indianapolis, IN.

              Bank One, Indianapolis, IN

              Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford, England.

              Studio Ten, Commercial Enterprises, London, England.

              Jacoby Architectural, Toronto,

              Michael Albano, N.Y.Council for the Arts, New York, N.Y.

              Deborah Frazier, Merrill Lynch, New York, N.Y.

              C.I.D. Venture Partners, Investment Consultants, Indianapolis, IN.

              Dutton and Overman, Law Offices, Indianapolis, IN.

              Kirr, Marbach & Co. Investment Managers, Columbus, IN.

              Kunz and Kunz, Law Offices, Indianapolis, IN.

              Boyd-Sobieray Associates Inc., Architects, Indianapolis, IN.

              Gallerie Primitief, Indianapolis, IN.

              Law Offices, T.A.Trollip, Johannesburg, S. Africa.

              S.A.I. Incorporated, Indianapolis, IN.

              Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, IN.

              Sheldon Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN.

              Capitol Holding, Louisville, KY.

              P.N.C. Bank, Louisville, KY.

              Welborne Hospital, Evansville, IN.

              Bell South Telephone, Louisville, KY.


Awards and Public Commissions

2013      Purchase of In A Mellow Tone (60x60”) New York University, New york, NY

2012      Purchase of Thinking Out Loud (40x82”) B’ton Monroe County Convention              Center

2009       Purchase of Autumn Moon (36x36”) Indiana state Museum, Indianapolis,

2005       2nd Prize, Indiana Now! Juried Show, Lafayette, IN

2002       I.A.C. Grant Recipient (Individual Artist Fellowship)

2000       I.A.C. Grant Recipient (Individual artist Fellowship)

1998       Lilly Research Center , Commission - 3 pieces, Indianapolis, IN

1996       Metropolitan Place, Commission, Indianapolis, IN

1996       Proposal accepted, work shown at Blanden Museum, Fort Dodge, IA

1992       Indiana Artists Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN

               2nd prize, Regional Artists’ Biennial , University of London, England.

               Merchants National Bank Award of Merit, 49th Annual Wabash Valley Show . Sheldon Swope Art Museum, Terre Haute, IN

1990      1st Prize (Mixed Media) American States Insurance Co., Indianapolis, IN

              Merit award, IN Arts Postcard Competition, Indianapolis Mus. of Art, IN                                  

1986      Scholarship, Art Student’s League of New York, NY, NY

              1st Prize, Palm Beach Gallery Third International Show, Palm Beach, FL

1979      Giovanna Millner Award for Best Art Student (Six month Artist Residence in                Italy)

             University of Witwatersrand,  Johannesburg, S. Africa.


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             Western Places, Missoula Museum of the Arts, Missoula, MT 1987 (catalogue)



1984-87   Printmaking Program, Art Student’s League of New York

1986        Awarded Scholarship for excellence in printmaking

 1980-82  Masters in Fine Art (Major in Painting and Art Therapy)

                 University of London, Goldsmiths, London, England.

 1976-79   B.A. Fine Arts, (Four year degree, Painting major)

                 University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. S. Africa, graduated                          with Honors.

1979        AwardedScholarship for Best Art Student. Six-month travel and artist                                residency in Italy.

My work is neither figurative nor abstract, rather I see it as a metaphor for experience. We all have collective memory, as well as highly individual thoughts and associations.  The statements embodied in my work come ultimately from a place that I believe is present in all of us - a central core or spiritual store-house unique to each of us.

I work with a variety of materials, including powdered gesso, cold wax, dry-wall compound, acrylic medium, marble dust and oils.  I build my surfaces onto canvas, after making sketches, notes and diagrams which can be found in my sketch-books, on scraps of paper, and scrawled on the walls of my studio.  I then continue the process of realizing my initial idea - my subjective response - by adding more layers, some comprised of pigment, all the while refining and continuing to build up the image, while introducing ink, graphite and oil sticks.  Although primarily non-representational, my work is influenced by landscape and architectural symbols, and our relationship to these factors. I attempt to expose the beauty hidden in the so-called mundanity of everyday life. 

Photo by Steve Raymer

Photo by Steve Raymer

I have lived in several countries and have enjoyed the stimulation of travel as well as that of different environments.  I grew up in Israel and South Africa, where I did my schooling and received a BA in Fine Arts. I then spent time traveling and studying art in Italy (a scholarship I was awarded as a merit of excellence from the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg).  In the UK I pursued a double master’s degree in Fine Art and Art Therapy at the University of London, Goldsmiths, England. Following my time in London, I moved to New York where I attended the Art Students League, and worked on printmaking. After several years in Manhattan, I moved to a university town in the Midwest, where I live on a lake with my husband, a ceramic artist and our menagerie of animals.

My work is represented in public and private international, as well as national collections.

Public collections in which my work can be found include the Oxfordshire Council, Oxford, England; Studio Ten, London, England; Jacoby Architectural, Toronto, Canada; PNC Bank, New York, NY; Merrill Lynch, New York, NY; Manchester College, Manchester, IN; Chicago Equity Partners, Chicago, IL; Salton Inc, Lake forest, IL, Glenview Trust, Louisville, KY; Marchfirst, Milwaukee, WI; Clarian Health, Indianapolis, IN; to name a few. 

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Mosque in the Moonlight  48x48.jpg
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